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They say connections are everything. Imagine everyone in your network or even outside of it could be seamlessly connected, work and provide opportunities for each other in one online tool.

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Our platform provides you with easy to use intuitive tools for customization: from looks to functionality or even structure options - it adapts to you.

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Get your solution deployed in 30 minutes! The opportunity to set-up our platform super-quickly is a testament to its functional nature and purpose.

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With our solution you can seamlessly connect and tap into the potential of other running networks. Join projects, hire experts, gain new business opportunities!

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Acceleration Programs


Coworking Spaces

Innovation Networks

Expert Organizations

Impact Ecosystems

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Educational Programs

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Case studies from leading intra-connected organizations

Tomáš Hasala
CEO of Nexteria

"Before the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, we could not even imagine that we would expand our operations to the whole of Slovakia, even abroad that quickly. We were able to create a new active community of young people in the online world on Solved Together platform and an app in less than a week."

Lucia Šicková
Founder of Who Will Help Slovakia, Co-founder of Pixel Federation

“During the most difficult period of the pandemic, our goal, after securing urgent needs, was to create an aid application that can work in the long term and where donors can connect with applicants. Today, the Solved Together platform helps to connect people who have never met before and provide targeted assistance where it is needed. Together with Solved, we created an application using their platform helping Slovakia today."

Dominika Fričová
Founder of Science helps

"Together, on our platform, we have registered about 50 highly specialized scientists and we cover about 20 narrow-profile topics, from addressing the biology of the virus life cycle through communication with the crisis staff to the scientific refutation of spreading hoaxes.”

Michal Jirasek
Founder of Founderscope,
Co-founder of Growthdrive

"We use Solved Together as software to build community and host premium content around our FWDstack product and also for startup acceleration programs. We love its flexibility, easiness to use, and applicability for multiple use cases. Currently, we manage multiple platforms using Solved Together. One of them is the BeChangeMaker global acceleration program for social startups. Together with HP LIFE and Worldskills we simultaneously accelerate 60 startups from around the world using that platform."

Pricing, that reflects on company size and purpose

You can start using Solved Together with amazing features  for a very afforadle price. Not conviced yet?Book a free product demo and find out
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Starting at 299 € per month

Moreover, if you are an impact driven network or ecosystem we can offer you help in a way of an extraordinary discount of up to 50%!

White label configurable platform

On the go, responsive and with push notifications

Community engagement


Digital mapping of your network

Content sharing

Reflecting own organizational structure and processes

Virtual cocreation, collaboration, communication

Task management, with the possibility to build own jobs marketplace

Features for an
amazing future of your organization

Unlimited availability

Robust software, that provides a state of the art cross-device experience

Data security

Data storage and sharing with guaranteed privacy and security

Management tools

Assignment of work, planning, organizing and communication tools with notification systems

Create your own marketplace

Share jobs across your network, get offers and choose most qualified candidates

Product experience

Enjoy using a tool designed for a great experience based on your needs

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