Solved Together

We are a startup center of the Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions. We focus on the latest technologies and trends in the areas of Telco and Health. We believe, that Innovlab can help you address your market needs and improve your product portfolios and thus increase the value for your customers. We focus on:

  • Co-creation & Prototyping of new Products with Startups for B2B partner
  • Startup Fundings
  • Rediscovery of In-house Innovations via
co-creation and incubation of corporate startup

The Solved platform is being used for organizing hackathons, events, and workshops. It is a great base for building the network of startups or for those who are interesting in the field of technology. It is a good place for knowledge sharing too. Our future plans include extending our network of partners, startups, and young and enthusiastic people who are ready to invest their time and finish their ideas into the successful end in the way of the existing prototypes.

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