Impact ecosystem

The Do School

Solved Together

The DO School is a global organization that helps individuals and organizations build a more purposeful economy through transformation advisory, skillset and mindset development, co-creative innovation, and empowering entrepreneurs. The DO School is rooted in a community with more than 50.000 Doers from over 100 countries and partners with organizations like UN, Deutsche Bahn, H&M, Daimler, Otto Group, and several others to become more resilient and purposeful.

With collaboration playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of our shared future as a global community, both Solved and The Do School recognize that they need to accelerate the development of online problem-solving. The partnership brings together Solved’s technology platform and the expert network of over 5 000 sustainability professionals.

“The DO School platform enables us to be even more agile and flexible and provide maximum impact to our clients while improving our efficiency. Furthermore, we can now together with Solved provide the platform to our existing and new clients and partners”, says The Do School’s Founder Florian Hoffmann.

The platform brings companies, governments, NGOs, and people together to solve complex challenges and implement innovation with purpose. The Do School and SOLVED are pioneers in new ways of working and solving challenges by combining sophisticated advisory processes and powerful platform technology.

“Now more than ever, international and multidisciplinary collaboration is needed to tackle global challenges. Our responsibility is to fight climate change and a new generation of threats by bringing people together and enabling them to better collaborate online”, Santtu Hulkkonen, CEO & Co-founder of Solved says.